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Dalby is a town with a love of Rugby League flowing through its blood. League has been played in town since as far back as 1920, growing and becoming ever present in Dalby's Daily life ever since.

In the past 3 clubs played within a Dalby competition, that being the Waratahs, Colts and Brothers, before expanding to include teams from across the western downs from places like Tara, Chinchilla and Jandowae just to name a few.

After coming together to help create our great clubhouse in 1987 the Waratahs, Colts and Brothers disbanded in the mid 90's making the Way for the Dalby Devils and Diehards to compete in the Toowoomba Junior and Senior Rugby League Competitions, giving us the opportunity to show the rest of the Darling Downs and beyond what it meant to be a Rugby League Player from Dalby.

If you'd like to learn more about our rich Rugby League history or even by chance track down some photos of a family member or loved one that donned one of these many jerseys why not drop into the club and ask on of our friendly staff if you can see the History of Dalby Rugby League Interactive Display

The Dalby Leagues Club is the home of two local Rugby League clubs that compete in the Toowoomba Rugby League Competitions, the Mighty Devils and Dominant Diehards

The Diehards occupy the senior division, whilst the Devils compete in the junior league with team from under 6 all the way to under 16, with Development Cup and Girls Comps as well. 

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